Oldřich Carbol CASAL

Klimkovická 58/30, 708 00 Ostrava - Poruba, e-mail:casal@mbox.vol.cz, tel/fax: 00420 596 920 125, tel/ISDN: 00420 596 920 123 - 4, IČO: 12126756, DIČ: CZ500526096, Bankovní spojení: CITIBANK, a.s. Praha, č.ú. 5004099004/2600

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Turning | Milling | CNC cutting | Drilling | Grinding | Marking | Threading
material cutting
| EDM | Assembly of components | Case hardening

Metalworking - metal fabrication

Manufacturing programme

Our main activity focuses on metalworking of all materials. Within the framework of repairing of various machinery units according to customer’s requests, we also produce spare parts and components for these machines and devices (welding machines, crushers, gear boxes, castings, forgings, etc.)

With regard to our technological conditions, the company’s quality is the ability to adapt quickly to the customers’ requirements in both piece and serial production.

Our customers are offered the possibility of complete fabrication of parts including heat treatment of components and surface finish.

We are even able to provide eventual castings from cast-iron, steel and non-ferrous metals in cooperation.